About Us
Bob and Lila Terhune

Bob and Lila have lived in Southern
California for most of their lives, but
moved to the East Coast in 1993
where Lila served as the
Intercessory Prayer Coordinator at
Brownsville Assembly of God from
1995-2005. Author of "Cross
Pollination,"  Lila speaks and
teaches both nationally and
internationally with a heart and
vision for America, Israel, and the
Nations. She and Bob, her
Hollywood Stuntman husband, are
both anointed ministers who travel
extensively connecting the East
and West Coasts for end-time
harvest, spreading revival fire and
passion for intimacy with God
through prophetic intercession.
Ron and Karen Goodman

Ron and Karen Goodman grew up
as preachers' kids from a traditional
Pentecostal background. They are
both ordained ministers who have
a prophetic edge to their ministry.
You will catch their heart for Israel
as they minister together through
anointed Biblical teaching,
combined with Spirit-led music and
spontaneous intercession.