The House
 In the summer of 1999, the word of
the Lord came, from different sources,
saying: "establish a house of prayer
and worship"; "it will have a large
balcony overlooking the Galilee and
the Golan"; "it will have a garden
(yard ) with fruit trees";"it will have a
room large enough for meetings";"it
will be in a religious neighborhood";
"you ( team of five) will all know it is
the one"; and lastly "it will be the
second house". All of these things
were true of our house in Tiberias, just
as He said. (Click
HERE for some
more pictures of the house)
Several people have felt the urging of the
Holy Spirit recently that the time to buy
the Tiberias House is approaching. We
have always felt that this house belongs
to the Lord. It has served as our ministry
base for 14 years, and has been such a
blessing to us, the many intercessors and
worshipers from the nations, and the
local believers. It is a place saturated in
prayer and worship, where the presence
of the Lord is resting.
Since it's establishment, Apple of His Eye's House of Prayer has been host to hundreds
of worshippers and intercessors from all around the globe, representing 19 nations in
the first 18 months alone. It has been a sanctuary for dynamic worship, prophetic
declaration and intercession, as well as a base for on-site worship and warfare. It has
maintained relationships with local congregations and ministries, both Jewish and
Arab, acting as a prayer covering for their endeavors.

The provision for this house has been, from it's inception, "What's in your hand? I (God)
will bless it!" From that team of five on that day there was enough for two months rent.
There has never been a time when our hands have been empty, whether from sacrifices
made, gracious gifts from many of you, or totally unexpected provisions. God has
always been faithful to bless what He's given us to offer.

We are currently at a crossroads in the life of this ministry. The landlord is ready to sell
the house and has offers that he is entertaining. He has given us a short time to come
back with an offer. If you would like to contribute to what we have in our hand to help us
secure this house (the Lord had led us to open a savings account for donations toward
the purchase of the house a few months ago -- to give Him "something to bless", as
Pastor Kilpatrick likes to say), you can make your tax deductible gifts through this
website or by check.  Please click
here for our address is you would like to send a
check (please indicate on the memo line of the check it's for the Tiberias House) or we
can also accept donations through
Pay Pal on our web site. God is faithful to bless the
gift and the giver.

If you have a sense of what God is saying about it, let us know. We want to
hear from
you, especially if you have been with us at the house before.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support. AOHE exists miraculously,
period. We are continually amazed at how God does it. Truly there is no limit for our
limitless God. He proves Himself to us time and again. May you be blessed, and
carried by his unfathomable, all sufficient grace. Now unto Him who is able to keep you
from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with
exceeding joy. To the only wise God our Savior, be glory! and majesty! Dominion! and
power! both now and ever! Amen!

                                     Our love and blessings, Ron and Karen Goodman
Quotes from Our Guest Book at the
House Over the Years....
      "(this house) is exactly what I needed. God really touched my heart among all
the people I met."
       "So many blessings were poured out on me -- so great is His mercy -- to
meet this wonderful part of our family -- to have the opportunity to intercede for
the Galilee -- to receive healing.. I'll never be the same, Glory to God!!"
       "The love that flows in this Lighthouse on the Hill is so very Y'shua like!
May you continually reap what you have sewn into Eretz Israel."
       "We have been blessed in this prepared house for the Lord to dwell in."
       "I thank God for the APPOINTMENT in this house."
       "Thank you for your hospitality in this home… always open… joy and
happiness… and the presence of the Lord!!"
       "Thank you for all!  This house is a home of peace and grace.  We can feel
the presence of God!"
       "We are so thankful for your ministry and the wonderful time of 4 days
spent in this peaceful atmosphere.  What godly connections the Holy Spirit did
with our dear brothers and sisters.  Jewish Messianics of Tiberias,  Arab
Christians from Nazareth and Haifa… Our hearts stay here with you, hoping
that God will unite us again more and more for the reconciliation of this nation."
       "We thank God for this House of Prayer and for the wonderful times of
prayer and interceding, especially for the people of Israel… We received a lot of
support and blessing in this House of Prayer."
      " Jesus washed the feet of the apostles and said do likewise.  The people
here have certainly washed my feet as I have been seeding to bless God and the
people of Israel.  You truly have been servants helping me fulfill God's call to
worship and intercede.  Thank you so much for this."
       "Our short stay here was such a blessing at a time when we needed to be in
the presence of our Lord.  It was here where peace and quiet was experienced in
an awesome way."
       "The presence of the Lord was so obvious from the moment we arrived.  
Thank you for being our cleft in the Rock.  To God be the glory!"
       "Thank you for opening your hearts and your home to me.  Your ministry is
a hidden pearl, an oasis in the wilderness."
       "I bring back home a new perspective on Jesus, His heart for Israel more,
the battles going on in this region, the beauty of the unity among Jews and
Arabs in Y'shua … and much more.  This is because of Him and your loving
       "What an unfolding of the abundant grace of God this has been for me!  I
left Jerusalem, running away from constant activity that engaged soul and body
hoping to find "rest in the state of locking myself up in fasting ad praying away
from everybody, away from myself. I was not even going to breathe, if possible!  
What a misunderstanding of the rest of God!  I was thrown instead into an
enjoyment of the true experience of the "rest of God.  Together with you (at the
House of Prayer) I found out that truly to rest in God is to yield oneself up to
the highest activity."
       "This is truly is a house of peace and glory… the weight of His glory really
rests in the little room at the top of the house…Thank you for providing such a
place of blessing."
      "My stay at the House of Prayer has been life changing for me.  Thank you
for everything….Nations are being shown the power of God because of people
of prayer like yourselves."